The Brow Bar

The Brow Bar

Eyebrows are the elegant frame of the eyes, together they contribute to the intensity of the look.

The Brow Bar is the boutique where the eyebrows are the absolute protagonists. Beauty experts here take care of them, studying and making the most suitable form for each type of face.
In the harmony of the face, eyebrows are in fact that detail that gives personality and character. If they are cared by expert hands, they are able to enhance the look and consequently harmonize the face; it balances the features and expressions.

The Brow Bar, in Milano,  is the first atelier in Italy where, as in a tailoring shop, the handsome hands of the beauty experts perform eyebrows at art.
A different curvature, height, thickness, color, can define a mood. Face speaks more explicitly than words. The Brow Bar for the first time is given the right space for the architecture of this important facial accessory.


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