Travel Wedding

Travel Wedding

Among all the themes in vogue for weddings, the travel is definitely one of the favorites. Not only because it is suitable for many couples, but because it can be declined in many different shades and styles: there is the wedding theme vintage trip (today very fashionable), the wedding theme of modern travel, and so on. Depending on the style you choose, you can create very different weddings even in the atmosphere.

Here are some ideas:

names of the states in which you and your boyfriend have been or have lived;

names of places (places, cities, countries) where you will go on your honeymoon;

names of famous explorers;

titles of books or films related to the trip (eg: Around the world in 80 days);

names of means of transport;

names of objects commonly used in travel (ex: suitcase, compass, passport, etc.).

These are perfect invitations for a vintage trip-themed wedding. Using vintage postcards in an envelope with an old map is a wonderful idea!


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