Open air wedding

Open air wedding

Password: in the open air.
Eh ..... yes, with the good weather even the outdoor ceremonies arrive, the most fascinating.
What wedding locations do not have ample space to accommodate receptions, especially as most couples marry in the summer.

A self-respecting catering must be able to set up in every kind of location. Beware of bad weather: it comes suddenly, with thunderstorms typical of the summer season, short but just enough to quast the party.

What to do?
The best thing, with the catering staff, is to monitor the weather and forecasts well and in case of doubt, to reserve a beautiful emergency tensile structure or to fall back directly for the indoor ceremony.

What a disaster, for foreign couples who move guests from around the world to celebrate the beautiful Tuscan hills at sunset ...... and then find themselves inside a room, even if valuable and decorated......


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