And they lived happily ever after

  • L'abito da sposo 2017

L'abito da sposo 2017

Vanity and love for aesthetics are requirements of the bride but also of the gro...

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  • Sartoria Borgo Maestro 2016

Sartoria Borgo Maestro 2016

We admire the wedding dress collection of Stefania Crociani of Sartoria Borgo Ma...

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  • Le Spose di Mori

Le Spose di Mori

The Mori brides are trendy.Our journalist of Wedding Italia is impressed by the ...

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  • La Sposa nel 2017

La Sposa nel 2017

Collections wedding dresses 2017White is the dominant color.So the lace.Few fant...

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  • Abiti da Sposa 2017

Abiti da Sposa 2017

Wedding Dresses 2017Lace and embroideries continue to dominate the wedding dress...

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  • L'abito da Sposa 2016

L'abito da Sposa 2016

The Bride 2016The brides fair season its startedUseful sources for meeting betw...

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