And they lived happily ever after

  • I percorsi della memoria

I percorsi della memoria

It's hard to go to school ….in a physical sense and beyond. Elementary schools w...

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  • Sokolov alla Chigiana

Sokolov alla Chigiana

Endless applause for the Russian maestro Grigory Sokolov who warmed the hearts o...

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  • Chigiana sostenibile

Chigiana sostenibile

Great success in Siena for the Catholic information forum promoted by Greenaccor...

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  • Uto Ughi a Siena

Uto Ughi a Siena

It is no coincidence that 100 years after the first edition of MicatInVertice, t...

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  • Vivaldi per MicatInVertice

Vivaldi per MicatInVertice

At music school with Uto Ughi. Yesterday evening, in a slightly chilled Siena, a...

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  • Principessa Moderna Veste Rosa

Principessa Moderna Veste Rosa

How art can change women's lives.Coming across skilled craftsmen is not uncommon...

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