Siena Musica per la Pace

Siena Musica per la Pace

“Music for peace. Siena and Kiev in a single pentagram", a memorable event supported by the Archdiocese of Siena Colle Val d'Elsa with the contribution of the Opera della Metropolitana and the collaboration of the Monte dei Paschi Foundation.
The concert at the Cathedral of Siena gave an audience of Italians and foreigners, including many young people, a moment of profound musical culture and civil brotherhood.Guest of honor was the Kiev Choir which, with great efforts, continued to perform even during the war under bombing, as stated by director Bogdan Plish.
A troubled history that saw many choristers flee abroad due to the war or even recruited or suffer heavy losses.
 Due to the great pain they lost their voice for a long time; then they decided to continue gathering with concerts in the countries and abroad to bear witness to the truth about the war crimes in Ukraine and also to invite the world to join them in this fight for peace.
The program chosen for this special evening was Gioacchino Rossini's Petite messe Solennelle composed in 1863 five years before his death and "the last of my sins of old age", as the composer loved to define his works of senile age. The opera it was written for twelve voices, like the twelve apostles in the famous fresco by Leonardo which inspired Rossini: "Among your disciples there are some who take false notes! Lord, reassure yourself, I promise that there will be no Judas at my Supper and that my parents will sing your praises justly and with love and this little composition which is, unfortunately, the last mortal sin of my old age.»
 Unfortunately, music does not build bridges of peace, but especially moments of pain it carries within itself a very profound emotional meaning: it instils hope, lightens the spirits, smells of peace and beauty. For this reason, the brave choristers of Kiev found themselves singing under the bombings or even, during the blackout in Kiev, they performed by candlelight. The Sienese concert at the Cathedral, on the eve of Palm Sunday in which the blessed olive branch is exchanged in the Christian Catholic world, was intended to represent a choral embrace of the city of Siena to the brothers of the tormented Ukraine. Strong emotion at the waving of the flag, greeting from the Ukrainian people, refugees, welcomed by the Archdiocese of Siena.
The Petite messe solennelle was listened to in religious silence, in a crescendo of emotions and welcomed at the end with the usual roar of applause to which maestro Lorenzo Donati, director of the Cathedral Choir, is now accustomed.

All we can do is say like Rossini: «Good God, here is this humble little Mass finished. Is this blessed music I just made, or is it just blessed music? I was born for comic opera, you know that well! A little science, a little heart, that's all. Be therefore blessed and grant me Paradise." And peace, with the end of all wars, we would add...

 Valentina Niccolai

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