Chigiana sostenibile

Chigiana sostenibile

Great success in Siena for the Catholic information forum promoted by Greenaccord for a sustainable cultural heritage. To reflect on the energy transition, we could not have chosen a better venue than Palazzo Chigi Saracini, also the heart of the Accademia Chigiana. The host Carlo Rossi, president of the MPS Foundation and also president of the Accademia Chigiana, welcomed the guests.
The conference was aimed at reflecting on the territorial scenarios that could arise in the medium term in terms of sustainability for the territory. Sustainability was addressed according to multiple meanings such as the environmental, social, economic, cultural and governance aspects.
 The Chigana Academy, which hosts top-level concerts every season, hosted the large group of journalists, sector operators and students in the concert hall where the famous recently restored organ with 4,500 pipes stands imperiously. Right here 100 years ago, it was the distant 22nd November 1923 for Santa Cecilia, Count Guido Saracini opened the palace for concerts to cheer and embellish the spirit of the Sienese. The theme of sustainability, usability, beauty available to the public has always been dear to Chigiana which organizes concerts, training courses of the highest level and welcomes artists of international caliber who have made the history of classical music.
Siena then deserves to host the Greenaccord convention: we are in a city that has been carbon neutral since 2011, meaning the absorption of carbon dioxide is a good 5% higher than emissions, as underlined by the councilor for tourism, trade and production activities of the municipality of Siena. Among the prestigious guest speakers the famous Professor Montanari Rector and the University for Foreigners of Siena who recalls how the institutions, the population and politics are simple custodians and guardians of the cultural, environmental and artistic heritage. As Simon Veil said "we will save the world if we love the past": everything that is cultural heritage is inherited from the past, borrowed from our grandchildren and must be administered with this conscience.

This is the climate of sustainability and attention that was felt in the room of Palazzo Chigi Saracini at the conclusion of this important conference. 

Valentina Niccolai

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