Vivaldi per MicatInVertice

Vivaldi per MicatInVertice

At music school with Uto Ughi.
Yesterday evening, in a slightly chilled Siena, a delightful musical lesson was held at the Teatro dei Rinnovati: Maestro Uto Ughi, raised in the cradle of Ghigiana, led the beloved Sienese through a guide to listening to Vivaldi's most revolutionary opera, Le Four Seasons. With a succession of anecdotes and readings of sonnets, the Maestro introduced us to the world of the famous "red priest": a red-haired musician priest, Vivaldi disdained masses for composition.

 We like to remember the relationship between Siena and Vivaldi: the very first Settimana Musicale Senese, in September 1939, was completely dedicated to the rediscovery of the music of Antonio Vivaldi, an almost unknown composer at the time. Well, the echo of the Sienese production was so sensational that from then on Vivaldi established himself as one of the musicians most loved by the public of the time. The evening at the Rinnovati organized for Siena by Maestro Ugo Ughi saw a succession of recitations of sonnets to explain the sparkling musical effects of the work. In that festive alternation of contrasts between the strong and the soft, the entire string orchestra of the “I Filarmonici di Roma” Chamber Orchestra accompanied the soloist in that sound picture of excellent baroque taste.

Valentina Niccolai

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