Principessa Moderna Veste Rosa

Principessa Moderna Veste Rosa

How art can change women's lives.

Coming across skilled craftsmen is not uncommon in the Sienese countryside. People love to live holed up in their farms or humble homes but always with that rustic touch that is so typical of Tuscany. And precisely, at the sound of the fireplace or in front of the window overlooking the Sienese hills, on winter evenings during the famous Sienese vigils or on long summer afternoons many women sew, paint and create unique products of great value.
With the usual curiosity that distinguishes us journalists, I willingly entertained myself in front of the stall of artisanal creations “Principessa Moderna Veste Rosa“ discovered during my wanderings in the Crete, precisely in the splendid village of Asciano.
Antonella welcomed me, a strong, imposing woman, with a warm and welcoming face who introduced me to the world of made in Siena fashion.
Yes, because our province is not only famous for wine, pasta and pecorino but also for very refined fashion creations. “A fashion born here in these hills, Antonella tells us, thanks to the artisan workshop of my seamstress mother who guided me in the art of sewing. In my practice I have enjoyed specializing in meticulous details, in finishing with lace and rhinestone embroidery up to my great passion: roses. Thus was born my Principessa Moderna collection which now boasts hundreds of unique pieces, difficult to repeat, sewn by me and today also by my sweet daughter-in-law Giada. As my mother did with me, so today I do with my daughter-in-law: born with a passion for photography, today Giada is learning the art of sewing and has inherited my passion for fabric roses. And thanks to photography, Giada gives a combination of colors that is very reminiscent of our Terra di Siena".
Antonella, you were born as an accountant because at the time your father preferred a pragmatic school to an art institute. What can this story teach young women?
Surely my work and personal history can inspire women of all ages to never give up, to fight for what they believe in and continue to dream because sooner or later their talents will be put to good use. Furthermore, being women, love for ourselves also starts from self-care. I see many beautiful women around but many do not take care of themselves, always in a hurry and at the service of everyone with that generosity that distinguishes us. With my creation Principessa Moderna I would like to deliver feminine and refined creations to women, at truly democratic prices, which are traveling companions on the road to life. Employees or housewives, mothers or singles, you are all Modern Princesses.

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