Le Solite Cose

Le Solite Cose

Teatro Le Laudi in Florence, with its "The usual things" gives new light to the Florentine folk teethe.
 Fast-paced sketches almost improvised by the indestructible comic duet of Sergio Forconi and Giovanni Lepri; vernacular songs by the delightful Lisetta Luchini accompanied by the highest quality folk rhythms of accordion, Alessandro Moretti and mandolin with Marta Marini.

A captivating evening enlivened by these acrobats of comedy in an athletic succession of parodies, caricatures, puns, allusions to the customs of a bygone society, the sharecropping one of the early 1900s at the dawn of the city's industrial development. The result was a thunderous chorus of endless laughter from a Tuscan public, not only from Florence, perhaps nostalgic for times gone by. The Teatro Le Laudi has contributed its own: a properly dusted off vintage corner that immediately put you in the spirit of the show. It can truly be said that yesterday in Florence popular culture was produced, to be preserved, handed down, more alive than ever.

Valentina Niccolai

  • Le Solite Cose

  • Lisetta Luchini canzone popolare fiorentina

  • Giovanni Lepri, inarrivabile atleta della comicitÓ

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