Memorie del Passato

Memorie del Passato

The term tradition (from the Latin traditiˇnnem derivato da trÓdere = to deliver, to convey) has in itself an immense value.
Initially it used the oral tradition, transmitted by the old men, from the shop masters, from the masses and singers.
Myths, legends and superstitions traveled over time through word before and then writing.
Rites and myths of the past have been revived in the prestigious event, Memories of the Past, At Lucignano Arezzo,  thanks to an active and ambitious  organisation.
Utensils, manpower, recipes and secrets of arts that are now in disuse, are not only the memory of our past Toscano Aretino, but also the key to success of craftsmanship in Italy and in the world. "

  • Le dolci trame di Michela

  • Cucco di Montelupo Fiorentino

  • Lavandaia con la cenere

  • Il pennello del Terrosi

  • Libro Cuore

  • Caro amico ti scrivo

  • Dame e Damigelle

  • L\'anestesista rilegatore

  • Trame vecchie e nuove

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