5 motivi per scegliere la Cerimonia Simbolica

5 motivi per scegliere la Cerimonia Simbolica

5 reasons to choose the Symbolic Ceremony.

In numerous meetings, from the numerous fairs for newlyweds, wedding cocktails and private appointments, it emerges a new demographic picture of Italian society.

Many couples, are formed "de facto" creating a real family without legal constraints. The family increases over time with the children. The couple say they  had no time to arrange a real ceremony or are discouraged from budget reasons.
Many of these couples do not identify themselves with a religious cult in particular.

After many years of living together with their children, couples choose civil marriage. Usually, it's very simple ceremonies, which certainly do not have the charm of the great religious ceremonies.

Here 5 reasons to choose Symbolic Ceremony with Wedding Toscana

1) The Symbolic Ceremony can be celebrated without any bureaucratic constraint or official request to institutions
2) The Symbolic Ceremony gives a touch of poetry  in accordance with the choice of life and spirituality: couples can choose the theme,  the songs that inspired their love story

3) Wedding Toscana Celebrant will create with you a cusomized booklet with all the things you love and will celebrate and amusing Cerimony

4) The Symbolic Ceremony can be celebrated during the reception, in any type of location, perhaps after a civil ceremony in the town, in the presence of witnesses only

5) Without the Symbolic Ceremony, a reception is reduced only to a great eaten without any poetry

 The top is the Symbolic Ceremony with music: beautiful Harp, Violin performance, etc. Soprano. Few elements give a great charm.
Ask to Wedding Toscana how to organise a beautiful Symbolic Cerimony with music.

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