Nencioni Service

Nencioni Service

Do you have your location, a big garden, or a room  that you like in particular? Do you want to cook for you or have identified a chef and you just need the kitchen installation?

Do you want to set up a kitchen and a banquet in a place that does not have it? Or they are missing only some equipment, such as a kitchen, a large refrigerator or a slicer?

From 25 years Nencioni Service provides services with high reliability and competence.

Visit our  showroom in Monteroni d'Arbia: you will find a wide selection of ideas.

Organizing a party outdoors, it is important to calculate adverse weather conditions: heat, wind, sudden rain. The lack of adequate technostructures can compromise the success of the entire party.

Nencioni Service offering covers of all sizes and designs with the possibility of heating and lighting.

Table and buffet preparations

Open bar set

Tablecloths, tables, chairs for elegant ceremonies or spartan.

Cooking equipment
Roofing and technostructures with lighting and heating

Garden decorations

We provide kitchens and bars sets that can be installed in many types of location.

The professionalism is recognized by our work program, proven over 25 years of experience:

Our staff will work for inspection, transport, assembly and dismantling, providing advice and assistance to plan the perfect party.

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  • Nencioni Service Mise en Place

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