Centro KIRI Poggibonsi

Centro KIRI

It 'important to get beautiful to your wedding day

In Poggibonsi there is a place to take care of your body and your beauty: the beauty center Kiri.
The Multipurpose Center "KIRI" was born from a crossing of ideas of the two partners Antonella and Martina, who put together the passion, kindness, harmony and fun for their work.

The Kiri center is very large and hosts inside an area dedicated to advanced aesthetics.

Antonella at reception, welcomes customers always with smile and friendliness finding ways to meet the every need of the customers burdened by the stresses of everyday life.

Relaxing cabin: making Massages of all kinds, Leave our spa with a pleasant feeling of lightness and fluidity throughout the body.

Cabin Face and Hair removal:  A neat face is the first business card: you will look perfect in the pictures of your wedding.

Solarium cabin. A body prepared for tanning is better protected.

Nails Cabin. The passion for nails . Our motto is: "LOOK AT THE HANDS, THE OTHERS DO IT"! The most varied decorations with color gels are the fun of our beauticians.

Martina is dedicated to the tattoos, piercings and permanent make up.

The beauticians collaborators, Yulka and Ilene, with all the professionalism that characterizes them, meet the needs of customers, making each service / treatment, a nice break of wellness and relaxation.

  • Benessere e Colori

  • Centro KIRI a Poggibonsi di Antonella e Martina

  • Centro KIRI a Poggibonsi, Relax

  • Benessere e Colori, Nails

  • Benessere e Colori, Nails

  • Centro KIRI a Poggibonsi, Concessionario Revivre

  • Centro KIRI a Poggibonsi, Tatoo e Piercing

  • Centro KIRI a Poggibonsi

  • Centro KIRI a Poggibonsi, Via Pisana 88

  • Centro KIRI a Poggibonsi, Atmosfere

  • Centro KIRI a Poggibonsi, Solarium

  • Centro Kiri a Poggibonsi Remise en Forme

  • Centro Kiri a Poggibonsi Remise en Forme

Beauty Bride packages, beauty treatments for the wedding

Face cleaning
Body scrub with massage
Depilation legs and groin
Proof homage makeup

permanent make-up

In the make-up gift for mother of the bride


Packages beauty treatments for the Groom

Facial Cleansing Specification
Body massage
3 Solarium

Free Special makeup for the Bridegroom's mother


Promotion Body Treatment, April

Stimulating, Hydrating, Draining and Anti-Aging

Free for you

1 specific treatment Feet

60.00 instead of 70.00

Promotion Specific Face Treatment (including facial cleansing) April

  Homage to you 1 Hands treatment

50.00 instead of 70.00


Via Pisana n 88
53036 - Poggibonsi - Italy

Tel: +39 0577 1653420
Fax: +39 0577 1653423
E-mail: kiri@benesserecolori.it
Web Site: www.kiribenesserecolori.it

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