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And they lived happily ever after

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Wedding Italia is an idea of Valentina Niccolai journalist and pr  with 15 years of experience in tourism, local products, luxury goods. Thanks to this work and living experience
I can testify that our country is appreciated as well as location of the wedding, anniversaries, family gatherings, birthdays and holidays, of course.

Wedding Italia gather a selection of suppliers for the holidays and to organize the best day.
It also published the guidebook Wedding Italy, within Territorio I  Forma magazine.
The limited number of structures,  is because  they are carefully selected by the editors, when possible with company visits and meetings in several national and international fairs.
My job as a journalist, leads me to write about this world and inspired living experience!

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Celebrante Cercasi

The Symbolic Wedding Ceremony born abroad, particularly in America, where every moment is ...

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